Thursday, May 12, 2005

Congress called down to principle's office by Neil Cavuto for some "Common Sense" 

Neil Cavuto tells members of Congress to grow up after hearing many complaints regarding yesterday's forced impromptu evacuation. I would say Neil gave them a right proper spanking. Some of the complaints from congressmen were that they were forced to evacute mixed with the rest of the populace leaving the potential target area. the impression I am getting is the congressmen expected more special treatment for their august personages. Our representatives have REALLY big heads. Time for them to change a diaper or two....at 4am. Get real.

I know all congressmen almost certainly were smart enough not to voice their complaints out loud or hopefully recognized the efforts of law enforcement and the military to keep them safe. Perhaps more senior members of congress can take the whiners aside for a little pep talk...Give'em hell Zell. :)


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