Tuesday, May 31, 2005

EU crisis=US opportunity? 

Ok. As we know France has signaled a lack of interest in supporting the EU constitution in its current "Anglo-Saxon" form. In part there was a feeling of threat to the continuing bread and circuses of the current socialist government. Today Chirac has signaled further movement away from true reform by appointing Villepin as his PM. Some of the comments concerning the U.S. attributed to Villepin are quite colorful.

For the last month running up to this referendum in France and considering the growing discontent in the U.K., Turkey and Eastern Europe, it would seem that France has created an economic window of opportunity for the United States, if Mr. Bush is willing to step into the breach. France and to a lesser extent Germany fear the necessary economic reforms to turn their economies around, while Poland, the Ukraine, and Eastern Europe are looking for alliances and embracing capitalism.

John O’Sullivan puts into words, what I have been telling my wife for the last month until she is sick of it. We should create free trade zones with the growing economies of Eastern Europe and the U.K. This would increase U.S. influence in that part of the world and only help our own economy by creating new markets without trade barriers. Let the dream of a socialist EU die on the vine. After Chirac’s comments concerning the need for a strong EU to counterbalance the US, efforts of the EU to sell advanced military weapons to China, constant appeasement to the Arab Street, mixed with continual anti-Americanism, one begins to wonder who your friends are. Personally I prefer the capitalist who is willing to work, to the socialist who is unwilling to accept responsibility for his plight, but instead blames everyone else.


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