Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Filibuster Deal 

Well, you have all probably heard of the deal made today that averted a call to change the senate rules on judicial filibusters. Since both sides are upset, maybe this is a good thing, but I would prefer a true non partisan examination of the rule on its merits. I also would like to force those who wish to filibuster to actually have to be on the floor and speak to convince their opponents instead of the present rule of not having to do so. The image of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is powerful and persuasive, but is not needed to filibuster in todays Senate.
In my opinion I think the Democrats made out quite well with this deal. I think the Republicans gave them breathing space when they had their backs to the wall. I also think maybe this isn't a bad result for the American people in general. Is it a curtailing of executive power by forcing a sitting President to consult with representatives from both parties before sending appointments to an up or down vote? maybe, but I'm not sure that is a bad thing.

Personal Note:
Had to take off a couple days from working out over the weekend. Back on it today. Will finish this 90 days out. Really felt the need to get back into it. Hoping this will see me through to the end. Weight training tomorrow. FYI: I find working out the same time everyday helpful if you are thinking of starting.

Kids are wrapping up school this week. Need to plan someway to occupy them this summer. Wish I had a pool! :)


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