Friday, May 20, 2005


I've watched C-Span the last few days before starting work and saw Arlen Spector's introduction followed by Patrick Leahy's rebuttal. Spector was quite convincing when pointing out the Owen nomination would have breezed through the process if not for the present stiff partisanship. Leahy was also quite evocative when describing some of his objections to removing the option of filibuster for judicial appointments. The most telling arguements so far though that I saw were from a senator from Texas (Cornyn) who I am not very familiar with, but took Leahy to task. Apparently Leahy was against the judicial filibuster with Ted Kennedy in 1998. This self evident hypocracy defuses many of Leahy's arguements. Was he lying in 98 when he stated his objections to the filibuster or is he lying now when he opposes changing the rules. Who would win if Leahy debated himself.

Interesting material at Cornyn's website listing a number of quite frankly embarrasing contradictions on the democrats stance against Owen. This is a bad choice for the Democratic party to choose as their waterloo.

Personl Note:
ok...ok...yes...I'm still doing the P90 workouts...in part because I said I would online here. Into my third week. Off from work today. Four 10-12 huor shifts will do that. Had an interesting fiasco this morning as it is wacky hair day at the elementary school. My son the artist decorated my six year old daughter's hair with colored hair paint (RED). Only problem is he didn't do it the way she wanted, but according to him he compromised. It didn't look bad, but he did huge red stripes in her blonde hair and apparently she was thinking a couple of red spots was all she wanted. Is it just me or can all teenagers put on Oscar performances. I suspect my daughter is taking lessons. Needless to say she was a tad bit late with an extra shower. Ok....off enough delaying..off to P90. Weight training today.


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