Monday, May 16, 2005

Firefighter's Doctor put faith in medications and God 

Really cool article over here from Newsday. I don't consider myself very religious, but I was happy to see the many references in the interview from the Muslim doctor about not giving up hope and putting faith in God.
"God will not help you unless you try something," said Ahmed, a Muslim. "If you try something and if you believe, God may help you."

I wish more individuals recognized that Christians, Jews and Muslims all worship the God of Abraham. It isn't a panacea to world events. There is more going on in the struggles in the middle east then a conflict over religions, but clearly examining the last weeks events leading to the death of sixteen people over an implied descretion to a holy book shows people are passionate about protecting what they believe is sacred. The irony is we now know the story of the Koran being flushed is in fact false, but the damage is already done. Afghanistan has very little US presense and yet the riots were quick to break out from people that were singing our praises two weeks ago. For the latest news on the Newsweek fiasco check out LaShawn Barber.

In my opinion the press has gone to great lengths to minimize good news in Iraq and Afghanistan and exaggerate any bad news. To what purpose? It would seem to appear most major media has a preponderence of individuals who feel vindicated in their belief system when the US military and present administration make a mistake. The tendency to want to justify ones own belief system is present in all of us. What is frustrating is ignoring facts and consequences in order to pat oneself on the back and state, "See, I knew Bush would screw up. I was right."

The fiasco at Newsweek will only get deeper as the allegations of poor fact checking and the rush to finger point has started with Newsweek attempting to blame the Pentagon for not denying the allegations prior to print. Nope...not going there...this is Newsweeks dead cat around their neck and they need to DO something to lift their reputation out of the toilet....(Ed: I can't believe you typed that. Sorry couldn't resist-hattip Roger Simon :)

On much lighter note and personal front:

Ok...Enough delay...Off to do my P90 workout....Starting third week. So far so good. Moved to Cardio 3-4 and Weights 3-4...Ouch....200 Ab excersises.....did I say ouch? Ok..Ok...I'm going....really....right now...

Did I mention I finished my accounting mid-term last nightat 1AM?
No pain, no gain...I know..I know...


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