Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Still doing the P90 workout. So far so good. Dropped about 5lbs in two weeks. Eating less mostly because when I work out I hate to feel like I wasted all the hard work I just did. Eating an orange for breakfast and a small bowl of cereal for lunch. Might have to spice things up a bit soon :) Dinner is our normal dinner. I eat whatever we're already making for the family. I have heard that by using a smaller plate you unconscientiously eat less because you don't go back for seconds. Haven't tried that yet. My weight when I started was about 220. Would really like to stick with the program. May move to the harder cardio level by the end of this week.

On the education front, had to do a fast rewrite in about 90 minutes for a team assignment on Monday. We divied up the work, but the data back from one of my team mates didn't answer the question she was given and she was bushed so I kind of crunched it out. I think it will do well. We all agreed to be more proactive on getting team assignments in earlier for review to avoid last minute scrambling. It's funny, when I was a kid in college I recall telling job interviewers that I loved working under pressure and worked very well that way. At 38 I can honestly say I no longer love it...although I still probably procrastinate too much :)

Fifteen year old is starting band season again. Hopefully he will really get hooked on it. Would like to see him commit to something more then games...I think I sound like my Mom...There is a lesson there, but my head is hurting so I will procrastinate and examine that thought more closely another day.

Read news of a Dad who killed his daughter and her friend today . Not for the faint of heart or pretty much anyone else for that matter. Some acts are so beyond the pale I just really find them incomprehensible. Phoenix cop died yesterday after being shot at a routine traffic stop also. Twenty-three year veteran with a son on the force who is a five year veteran. Not going to try to comprehend it anymore. Just pray for the families and friends.

Time to go play with my six year old.


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