Saturday, June 18, 2005

What's up doc? 

Just a status update
Still doing the Power 90 workouts, but this week I had to miss two days. Decided to not miss the cardio days, but had too much going on between work and school and family to get in everything. Going to Ohio for work this week. Will hit old stomping ground. Have a lot packed into the week. Should be fun, but since I have been working from home for the last three years I must admit I am homesick for my kids and I haven't even left yet. Trip appears to really be getting my daughter down. Will have to pick her up something cool on the way back. Hopefully teenage son will try a little harder to get along with his mom while I am gone.Yes, he got THE speech...some permutation of which I think every Dad gives his son about listening to his mother.

Off to Ohio at crack of dawn. Driving down from Columbus to Dayton and then up to Toledo.



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