Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Doctored photos continue 

I sent the below email to USA Today (Richard Curtis-rcurtis@usatoday.com - Graphics editor), and AP Managing editors contact email (apme@ap.org). (edited letter to add better links)
(h/t - Michelle Malkin and FromThePen.com
In reading Rice won't rule out U.S. troops in Iraq in 10 years

I found the photo snapshot of Condoleezza Rice suspect.

Respectfully sir, why is the USA today doctoring Condi Rice photos?
Altered Photo

Compared with the unaltered photo one can clearly see the changes.

I would like to see the USA Today issue a correction to the public regarding the doctored photo. Aren't doctored photos just as bad as misrepresenting facts in print that do require correction?
Unaltered AP Photo by Mikhail Metzel

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a correction and explaination should be forthcoming.


So....what we have here is another example of someone tweaking reality to suit their own agenda. I have to admit when I first heard claims by Katherine Harris that the photos of her were doctored I scoffed a little before seeing the evidence, but it is very blatant. Michelle Malkin has a great synopsis here. As we approach the 2008 election and technolgies improve even more this doctoring will only increase unless there is a bin of undoctored photos for all to reference from and some form of standard setting and accountability in news is set (queue bloggers :).


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