Monday, May 15, 2006

Salsa Pajama Reaction 

Not a perfect speech perhaps, but I think there are aspects of it I like. I do not like the idea of the millions of illegals being torn apart from their families. I do like the idea that any illegals would need to get into line behind the people presently waiting for citizenship. I do like the idea of securing the border. Clearly this is way overdue and in fact negligent that it hasn't been done more aggressively before now.
Part of my sympathy for the illegals comes from the idea that my grandparents were immigrants from Ireland, but if you think that given the choice of starving in Ireland or entering the US illegally would have made them stay out, think again. I have respect for anyone who is willing to work hard to feed his family as many of these people are trying to do.

Back to the speech...I liked the idea of a worker permit. Living in Arizona we are faced with the reality of human trafficking and the criminal element that surrounds it. We had a gun battle a couple miles from my house on the highway between coyote groups that left bystanders who were driving near them, caught in the crossfire. Hopefully the temp worker permit will decrease the pressure for illegal entries and put the coyotes out of business..ala...the end of prohibition put the moonshiners out of business.(personal consumption aside :)



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