Monday, May 14, 2007

War funding and support for the troops 

Ok...I am a registered Republican, but I consider myself more moderate or centrist then conservative and I have to say the actions of the Democrats who are voting for a quick withdrawal strike me as very irresponsible, to criminally negligent.
Can we all suspend the extreme rhetoric on both sides and examine likely outcomes for the US, Al Qada, Iran, Syria, Israel, and Iraq?

Irrespective of your stance on the initiation of hostilities, isn't it one's responsibility to fix something that we broke? Don't we owe a responsibility to the Iraqi people who have been supporting us thru these difficult times in Iraq, putting themselves and their families at risk? We made a promise as a country to see this through. How can the congressmen voting for an immediate withdrawal not consider the consequences to our future foreign policy strength, let alone the potential for millions of Iraqi civilians who would be killed in any ensuing bloodbath? Somehow you and I both know that if it happened and the US did withdrawal and some Baghdad killing fields event took place, the blame would fall squarely on the neo-cons and Bush despite their opposition to any such forced withdrawal. The Democratic Party would state that Bush had put them in the position and it was their fault, ignoring any evidence that didn't support that meme.

What happens to US foreign policy when Syria and Iran know that the US cannot sustain any war effort beyond air strikes? The American public is being played by the terrorists and the terrorist weapon of choice isn't just the IED, it's the ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and even FOX.

Whenever I hear the comments from Pelosi or Reid in the news I feel almost ill. It seems like the completely do not care about anyone beyond themselves. The American public wants the war to end and lets face it, I think we all want our troops to come home, but personally I want them to keep killing Al Qada troops wherever they live.

I remember 9/11 and I take someone at his or her word when they say they want to kill me. Seriously, how can others not do the same? I am not drawing a connection between Saddam and 9/11, but we know Al Qada is in Iraq. In fact they just announced we should stop searching for three captured US soldiers that they have in South Baghdad or else. Excuse me...I thought Pelosi said Al Qada wasn't in Iraq? Never mind her extensive military experience, clearly she perhaps learned inside news from her trip to Syria and her meeting with Assad.

OKā€¦this is turning into a rant, so I will try to wrap up. I understand many do not like Bush and many do not like the reasons for the war, but are you willing to make the US flee from Iraq because of the loss of 3K+ US personal? Obviously any death of any serviceman or women sucks. This is true for the parents of Iraqi soldiers and police as much as for US parents, but when you step away from the blood dripping headline from a car bomb, the losses in the Iraq war are tiny compared to any other war in US history...ok...maybe Granada had less.

Is it responsible to cut and run and basically say to hell with anyone in Iraq, it's not our problem...good night and good luck and it's all George Bush's fault anyway?


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